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Darrell Pearson
via Google

Excel Martial Arts is an excellent training studio for people of all ages. My son absolutely loves his karate classes. the daycare end of the training studio is first rate with many activities including outdoor time at parks for playtime. The children learn manners respect and a level of discipline that comes with martial arts training. My son has been with Excel Martial Arts for close to three years now. Best place ever.

Sharde Forbes
via Google

My children have attended EMA's before and after childcare for the past year and I have nothing but good things to say! The staff are friendly and encouraging, yet firm; just the right fit for kids! I love what they stand behind and that they incorporate respect, confidence, and responsibility into their program. The kids rave about the different activities and games they get to play and of course training and testing for their next belts! We have been happy with EMA's services thus far!

avdonermina kukuljicic
via Google

My kids have been apart of this program for the past 5 years, they love it, I love it. It really helps them burn off some extra energy and they learn a lot of different things that can benefit them.
The staff is very friendly and easy going. They are always looking to make every member happy in anyway.

Coley McIntosh
via Google

We absolutely love excel martial arts! Our daughter did the Little Heroes program before starting kindergarten and we now use their before and after school program. My daughter enjoys the program so much that despite being there 5 days a week, she insisted on having her party there too which was an absolute blast! You get a ton of value with both the parties and the programs.

Our kiddo has had some struggles with focus but all the instructors at EMA have a way of getting the kids to engage with them. We’ve noticed a huge improvement in not only her personal discipline, but the way she chooses to treat those around her and her self confidence. The language surrounding bullying and consent with things like being hugged align deeply with our values and I feel grateful to know our daughter has these adults in her life.

While I’m positive every person who works at the gym is incredible, my personal experiences have been with Mr. Baban, Ms. Cordeiro and Mr. Janzen. All three of them are exceptional human beings and their care and concern for the gym, the martial arts and the kiddos is absolutely unquestionably next level. We feel very grateful that we’ve found such a safe environment that we trust and that our daughter enjoys so much. It’s such a huge bonus that she learns self defence, responsibility, respect and self confidence as well. I can’t say enough positive things about our experience at EMA.

Shelly Parslow
via Google

My son loves his Excel Martial Arts family he dose classes and also does the before and after school daycare program and loves it all the staff and care providers are amazing, I highly recommend Excel . ?

T A Alexander
via Google

Such a positive environment. My son always leaves happy, his mood elevated. Here, he learns how to take instruction, and also how to become a leader himself. The instructors put their whole heart into this place and their efforts pay off.

Melonie Hilderman
via Google

My daughter has been going here for the last 4 years and they have been amazing! Helping with her confidence, responsibility, respect, and self defence. The entire team is absolutely fantastic

nixie Charron
via Google

This is a wonderful place! They are so amazing. The instructors are super friendly. I love how they have all help my son develop so many skills.

Daniel Marsden
via Google

Great place to learn and get in shape with amazing instructors in a high quality space! 5/5 would recommend!

The Edwardsens
via Google

Wonderful teachers.
Clean facilities.
Very happy students.
If you go 3 times a week the cost is reasonable.

via Google

Excel has a wonderful young staff. Both my kids have learned a lot of self confidence and self control in their classes.

Conrad Kovacs
via Google

The gym is very clean. The instructors are fun, patience, encouraging and positive. There is a general good vibe. I would train there anytime, even in these interesting times.

Nicole Ireland
via Google

My kids have been enrolled for over 5 years, and I wouldn't chnage it for the world. The staff is amazing and go above and beyond for all the kids. I highly recommend both their classes and their childcare as well!

Amber Schaffner
via Google

My son has been going to mission excel martial arts since he was 6 and now he is 10 and just earned his black belt. My son always has a new goal to work towards and gains confidence with each success. The staff has been amazing and supportive especially throughout Covid closures and reopening with protocols. Way to go mission! Thank you.

Alexis Green
via Google

My kids have been at Excel for years and still love every single class. The instructors are so positive, encouraging and helpful. They have made my kids more confident, respectful, and have really taught them how to work hard toward their goals. I cannot say enough good things about them and we are so happy they have been such a positive influence in my kids lives.

Jenn Ursel
via Google

My son has been attending Excel since he was 3 years old and he still loves it 8 years later! I can't say enough about this place. My son has learned so much from them and has created special bonds with his instructors and classmates. They create a fun atmosphere while still teaching the kids about values and respect. I don't doubt that my son will continue on to be an instructor himself in the future!

Carly Chadsey
via Google

I used to go there. They had amazing instructors, I learned so much. I really hope to come back in the future. I made it to blue black-stripe... I had a dream to one day make it to a black belt, and maybe it will happen. I dont know. All in all, I love this place so much, I had great memories of testing and tournaments. I will treasure my belts, uniforms and medals for life.

Shawn Kavanagh
via Google

My kids have been doing the before and after day care program for 7 years now. They love the crafts and games they play while waiting for pick up.

The MMA program is very good. My kids confidence is amazing with all the forms, weapons and self defence they teach. It’s amazing to see them perform in tournaments, with hundreds of people watching and them focused on their performances and competing in combat.

The social network in the school and all other EMA schools is great to see and all the kids look like they are having a blast. The leaders are all great role models.

What more could you ask for!

Daniela Gutierrez-Diaz
via Google

This is my second experience with Martial Arts for my son and I can’t be happier with it.
There is a sense of understanding of the process kids go through and an always inviting predisposition from the teachers.
My son loves to participate each time.

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